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I'm Elizabeth Johnston, a writing coach for people who have an important story to tell but don't have the right know-how to make it happen and aren’t sure how to make room in their busy lives.

I know how frustrating it can be to feel overwhelmed by work and family commitments, how there never seems to be time or energy left over for you to work on that story you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Truth be told, sometimes you secretly wonder if it's just not meant to be -- because you’ve spent countless hours reading books and trolling the Net, but that hasn’t taken you very far.

You’re at the point now where you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. You want concrete, efficient and professional guidance so that you can own your creativity and finally write that screenplay or memoir.

Despite all the obstacles you've faced, you haven't given up on your dream.

You've come to the right place!

How Would Your Life Change If . . .

  • You realized that it's not selfish to make room in your life for your heart's desire?
  • You had all the tools, guidance and support you needed to write your screenplay or memoir?
  • You were more efficient in your use of your creative writing time?
  • You saw yourself making consistent progress on your writing project?
  • You finished your life-long dream of that screenplay or book?
  • You were able to leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren and generations to come?
  • You were able to positively affect the lives of people who read or saw your story?

You're so close to turning your writing dreams into reality.

And I am here to support and guide you until the very last word.

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"You have been the most inspirational teacher!"
-- Gundie Robertson, Montreal, Former Teacher & Principal

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