3 Easy Ways to Connect to Your Passion

Happy (1)It’s so easy in our hectic lifestyle to forget to put our passion for life front and centre. I was reminded of this recently, and I want to share with you three tools that make it easy for you to re-connect to your joy, purpose and light: The Dolphin Parent by Dr. Shimi Kang; anything by Les Brown; and The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

  1. Many of you may be familiar with a style of parenting that is harsh, overbearing and full of unrealistic expectations, commonly referred to as tiger parenting. Others might be familiar with the jellyfish model – the type of parent that gives in to their kids at every turn. Dr. Kang’s book, The Dolphin Parent, reveals a better way to parent called the ‘dolphin way.’ It’s a balance between these two extremes. It advocates for rules but also room for creativity, expression and curiosity. The key is to create the right environment for the child to flourish while feeling supported and guided.It’s the same process for adults who have let go or forgotten their passion. When we grow up, we tend to leave behind that playful part of ourselves and ‘get serious’ about life, work and family commitments. In the process, our inner child is abandoned and our zest for life diminishes in direct proportion. Reading The Dolphin Parent will give you dozens of ah-ha moments and ideas for reparenting your inner child so that you can re-connect to your passion in a balanced, supportive, nurturing way — without have to resort to extremes.
  2. Les Brown is known as the one of the most inspirational speakers in the world. One of my favourite sayings from him is: You’ve got to be hungry. If you want to achieve anything in life, you first have to be hungry. You have to connect to your passion, and then run for it with abandon and laser focus. But you can’t do that if you haven’t first learned how to give yourself permission to chase your dreams. That’s why I started this post with Dr. Kang’s book. You need to rewire your brain to be your best dolphin parent to yourself. Then look up Les Brown on YouTube. Any one of his videos will give you a shot in the arm when it comes to owning your creativity and pursing your passion.
  3. Now that you have given yourself permission to be creative with Dr. Kang’s help and have an endless supply of motivational messages from Les Brown, you’re ready to get real with Steven Pressfield in The War of Art. This book is a loud wake-up call for anyone who thinks being a writer or any type of artist is just about waiting for inspiration or something you do when you get around to it. Pressfield presses home the point that anything you allow to get in the way of producing your art is a cop out. Everything. His ultimate message is: Just do it, otherwise you’re not a writer. Period.

So, yes, heal your wounded inner child. She is your well of creativity. But then do what you have to do to nurture her and help her grow, and let HER do the same for you. You’ll know you are doing both when you produce on a consistent basis and, in the process, feel unparalleled joy, purpose and light.