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Hi, I'm Elizabeth.

Founder of Own Your Creativity.

My mission is to help you get that story you’ve been carrying around in your heart and soul onto the page.

You know how frustrating it is to spend hours, days and even years trying to bring that story into the world and just going around in circles.

I meet so many people like you. Accomplished, savvy, talented women who know that something wonderful awaits them on the other side of their story. If only they could get it out!

The truth is, the idea that all it takes to write your story is to put a few words together and presto – you’re done – is just not the case.

That’s why I’ve crafted a tried and tested process to eliminate years of false starts and wasted time and money. I’ve honed this approach through over two decades of teaching, coaching and actual implementation.

Wouldn’t you love to finally liberate your story and transform your life?


Call me! I'll share my wisdom with you.

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