What Animal Is It?

Hey there!

Have you ever looked at an idea of yours and wondered what kind of animal it was? A book? A screenplay? Or something else? I hear you!

The truth is, screenplays and books have more in common than you might think! Have you heard the phrase “cinematic writing”? Maybe you’ve wondered what that meant. It’s actually the ability to write visually, to create strong pictures in people’s minds. That’s what all  great fiction writers and even poets do. It also refers to a rapid change in location or perspective similar to the fast-paced editing you often see in films today. Chuck Palahniuk does this particularly well, as does Roddy Doyle who also is known for his dialogue — a key element in screenwriting, though it’s used somewhat differently in film.

That’s why I’ve put together an exciting new training series for people who want an answer to their question about what their story idea wants to be when it grows up. 🙂

In my three-part training series, I’ll teach you all about the similarities and differences so you can decide how you’ll manifest your story idea. So, this training is great for those interested in writing fiction, non-fiction or screenplays.

In fact, it’s going to be an amazing learning opportunity no matter what type of writing you want to do!

So, if you’re interested in finding out more, check back here in a few days or sign up on my mailing list at this link: http://writingtraining.gr8.com/

I’ll be in touch soon, and until then, take a moment to breathe deeply and enjoy it all — because life is grand!

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Elizabeth Johnston
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