When Creativity Was Child’s Play

Boy Playing in Rain Photo credit isla_yelo via Foter.com CC BY-SA

The Creativity Course for Writers started last week, and we are off to a great start. One of the things that has come up already is the resistance to being creative. People want it but then they resist doing anything about it. There are any number of reasons for this:

  • a bad experience with an authority figure or loved one
  • a negative self-image
  • a fear of failure
  • stress
  • depression

If you fall into the last two categories, you first need to take care of your health in whatever way you deem necessary and appropriate. Once that’s done, then you just need to sit down and begin.

Just do it.



That’s the only way to produce anything. Every song, story, film, play, article, etc. had to start somewhere.

Reasons not to just sit down and do it?

  • I have to do more research.
  • I need to take a class.
  • I have laundry to do.
  • I’m not sure what I’m doing.
  • I’m not inspired.
  • I have trust issues.

The list is endless. I could fill up this whole post with reasons people have for not being able to just sit down and write. But those reasons are all time-wasters and making a huge long list of all possible reasons is also a time-waster. What’s important here is that you need to recognize that when you say any of these things to yourself, you are procrastinating.

The only way NOT to procrastinate is to just write.

When you embark on a new idea, when you are flirting with the possibilities, you don’t need more research or training or diversions. You jump into it and see where it is going.


When you were a kid and you wanted to build something or write a story or put on a play on your front porch and charge each spectator 25 cents, did you say, “Wait, I gotta do more research?” No. You went with the flow. You created something out of nothing, and you enjoyed yourself. (After that, when you have your first draft and you’ve let it sit for a bit, you might decide you need more polish or training, but that comes later on in the process.)


So. What will you do this week to further your writing? What one tiny, doable thing will you commit to this week? Make it real and be accountable to yourself by posting it below. By doing so, you surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who, instead of procrastinating, are embracing the possibilities. Be that person, too!


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